National Medical Library, Ansari Nagar, AIIMS


Dermatochalasis is baggy eyes, excess of skin in the eye lid. The Atlas of Oculoplastic & orbital Surgery opens me to Medical Illustrations, a new way to look at drawings, the perfection and error of it. The slotted angle library racks stacked with every medical journal possible. 

I had visited AIIMS today to look into medical sketchbooks of students and was steered away from the Department of Anatomy, lecture hall, BB dikhsat library to a place closer to the Foot over bridge of South Extension. The National Medical Library at Ansari Nagar gave me a new way to read my drawings. Upon closer inspection of the sequence of the operation through medical coloured illustration and text narrating the steps, i could work on characters to have deformed eyes. 

Facial distortions, i can do surgery now…


The Journal of Visual Communciation in Medicine showed examples of careless photography of patients. It worked on Frankfort, Reid and midsaggital planes which were accurate, scientific way of portraying the human face / body. 

The paper plane surface made me think of a 45 degree view of the figure and how it could be incorrect in medical terms if it was not a 45 degree view ( Oblique at 45 )
I wish to portray the inaccurate face, the face which is at imaginary angles, distorted, which lets its skin fall over itself. I will make my own planes, i will operate, put a rocket inside the eye, i will put a truffle pastry in the eye and celebrate birthday of the neighbours cow Ugga. Ugga never harmed anyone. if only she knew how to fly.

next library, the Airforce academy to learn to fly and then teach Ugga…


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