Second floor barista, defence colony, changing the moment to draw, from the morning routine to sitting in the evening. Tranistion is an experience i felt today. It is a very narrow opening where a form decides to change itself. Maybe it was the change in my routine, how i was feeling or how the day went by. I was in delhi high court all day morning trying to listen to how the Joint Registrar Judge would engage with cases. I’m sure it was not that but could be also. Or the nap i took afterwords or repeating this frame of drawing, a comic book formula of making boxes and then drawing. 

Transition is when a movement occurs, like a slip of something. It is a and was a change in what i would hold as something Defined for me. I have defined a narrative, a form, a way to do things. I have defined it and i will grow through this way of defining myself even more. Transition is a slip from this to something which can give you a pleasurable feeling. It is a sensation where the act of working with a line generates a new sensation as there was a moment of transition. 

I left afterwards as today was not my day. i could realistically not finish the drawing afterwords. A hot ginger honey tea and almond muffin was enough as i was not keeping well. But I felt i should write it as a thought and the word transition came up. I see it not as an elevator movement upwards but a physical pull, a jerk of the surface and being pulled to a direction. 

After sometime i stopped and checked an earlier drawing which was in full control as there was no experience of transition. The transition was overlaying a sensation of grease oil being sippery. So i feared a fall and stopped. 

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