A talk on exploring the Vernacular through the medium of Architecture

Came as a surprise, a mention of Guru ki maseet, an architectural form, which is an amalagation of more than one religion. A lecture, a conversation on what is vernacular by Savyasaachi and sketches in-situ 

My sketches which I’m adding reflect upon thoughts on how sketching allows to create from an exisiting source which otherwise can come to a halt or may not produce anything on paper if sitting alone. In sitting alone the mind is thinking, wandering to situations in the head, but in drawing out conversations being heard, listened to, being attentive about or showing interest towards, the sketches and the line quality expresses a sense of reckless driving where crashing, steering, speeding, braking and going off the path are very much in favour as the conversation is like a model changing poses all the time at his own will and fancy. It is not drawing a landscape where you can go and study a leaf, or see the mountains and be concerned about the sky’s changing colour or the clouds floating in one direction. It is not still, can not be predicted, as to which conversation will i react to, draw or expand, or stir into my own thoughts. I am in this case not illustrating, nor note taking the lecture but taking my own trip through choosing to listen. I have my own memories, emotions and reflections towards what is being spoken and my own set of questions to the conversation.

Words spoken, such as ” Labour is the most neglected aspect in Architectural discourses”  became as the drawing or the form drawn. I could not distinguish or felt at ease in writing out the words as a representational form. 

whereas writing ” Am i doing mental labour ” was a response or a reaction to the lecture, thinking that the talk is about labour and the architect and comparing how the two are at loggerheads, the architect with mental labour where as the physical creation is in the hands of the labour, i responded to myself, thinking, am i doing a mental labour by sketching away my thoughts? I dont construct anything but a thought on paper.Here I feel, the talk allowed me to enter into an open dialogue with myself which i would not do sitting inside a movie hall or watching a TV. It was the live discussion and the live moment to qucikly respond while listening to what the speaker continues to say. 








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