orange tree

Hemkunt colony pahariwala park, I was in a position back then to do exercise and to wrap my hands around the tree and see and feel and hug the tree and know that it has lived longer than my dad who passed away three years ago. Now with a foot injury, i can be far away from the park and write in my bedroom on the I pad, reliving moments of memory. 

The room on the terrace leaks with rain water which i have been mopping up with three buckets lined up where water over flows and wets my book collection. This room has cheques which he signed, where his motorary skills fumbled his hand writing. This room has his file collection where he maintained accounts, listened to music and a bed where he rested in the winter afternoons. I don’t have the courage to go through such readings. 

Trees are taller then me, and so green and have a secret life. I can not talk to them but I know there is some communication. My dad visited a park near our home in chirag enclave. When his heart was not supporting him and he had too many medicines to take, he did not go too far from the home and visited this park. The park has beautiful trees and view of the buildings of Nehru place. One such building is called Devika Tower.

Its good delhi has planted trees in the parks and in the colonies and in between roads. When street lights are Red in colour, I see them.

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