A comparison of Drawing free hand and with a help of a software.


using the motion tool in an editing software. The motion tool allows you to create a path. So the circle can follow a route of animation. The motion tool can be custom made to create any path

The drawing done in a sketchbook of throwing the rock to a designated path. I am imagining a force with which the rock will be thrown. My hands, my body are using an imagined force to throw the rock. I am mentally aware of my motion path


Drawing in the software where the rock being thrown is being moved in each frame slightly towards a fall to the ground. The motion path will be made up of each frame of throwing the rock. It is a slow process of creating all the mid frames showing the fall. 

my pen is the surface of the laptop and the line tool i select. The last line tool (scribble) towards the far right lets me draw the movement of my fingers as they move on the laptop. The first one from the left lays out a straight line which can be broken into joints of many lines to make a singular line or a form.
The Software allows me to work with a preset tools. This means I can think / create my own set of preset tools to repeat a function. These functions are no longer lines I create on a piece of paper but give out such lines which can be created. 

  • I can use reference from the software to redraw such actions, functions, effects on paper.
  • I can further expand the vocabulary of the editing commands in the software

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