a day in making


 I’ve been reading on heautoscopy and responding to works on this subject. Its not easy because of the complexity of the problem. Somewhere I am challenged by the view point of reading a doctor’s analysis and being an artist and thinking from an artist point of view find it limited in answering my questions.  heautoscopy invloves hallucination, out of the body experience, the harbinger of death as mythical connections, seeing the self outside the body at a far distance. 

This situation may occur in a epilepsy. I have a very different perception of this. I am neither a scientist, or the doctor attending the patient or the patient who suffers this problem. I am wondering is it to do with the functionality of the brain only? If i perceive it differently, can it be more than the claims of science? 

One of the patient attempts to commit suicide by killing the other in the state of heautoscopy. The other is non existent, a hallucination. Also there are reports of seeing the self upside down. 

I think through drawing, or sketching, notemaking, I am able to read through such text or even the mind of the patient. Some of the drawings seem illustrative but at other times drawing allows me to see what I can not see through writng only or reading the text. It gives imagination to what is currently known or is held captive in a  descriptive and binding format.  

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