white pages

Lumps, knots in my back, the shoulder pains as i write. The receptionist with half checkered green nails, a thai dress spoke to me of the energy of the white blank surface of the paper. 

A book to draw, everyday tackle a blank white page. Sometimes in a headache, sometimes the AC of the Cafe creating a headache. Causing lumps in the back, a stress related stiffness. Anything I do in Art as an Artist is a Health Hazzard, an Occuptional related sickness. I don’t work for a Company so I can not be compensated.

Today I feel, are my books, black hardbound books with blank pages with meaningless drawings of anything I think of meaningless in nature? 

I listen to complaints from my staff, a small company because I am not there. I am absent from my own workplace. Instead I sit posing as a Sketchbook Artist in a cafe drawing from my Brain and Mind in these books. The Thai receptionist spoke about the stress of just sitting. And all this while i thought i was relaxed. I hardly moved. My bum muscles going redundant. The Quads weakening and hamstrings locked up to the seat as hooks.
Stiff shoulders, hot coffee, a window view and shifting from a social media site to wikipedia to online dictionary to mail accounts to the sketchbook where today I have decided I will read on a topic accidentally discovered because it was there somewhere on the NET. The person at the counter knows my Credit Card pin. He punches it everyday. 

Stiff body, then relaxed, cross legged, watching who enters, exits the cafe, the energy of the blank paper forcing the mind to engage. This is a Disturbance coined as Creativity. 

Any pen in my hand and i make a mark. 

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