A talk by Henry Jenkins

Notes on Drawing:
a moleskin sketchbook which i opened up as the speaker made his way up to the stage. JNU auditorium, the autowallah kept on sharing all the important places in delhi which were named after Jawaharlal Nehru, JNU, Nehru Place, IGNOU, IG aiport, IG being Indira Gandhi. We laughed thinking how people have places named after them and remembered my telecom business is also after my name.

It was interesting, although i have omitted few drawings  from this post and posted images from the sketchbook which i drew as the speaker conversed with the audience. His words became my text. Drawings ability, or sketching the speakers words filled my vocabulary which otherwise would not be possible on a daily basis where i use my own thinking capacity, or wikipiedia or anything which i might have in my head. 

But in this case, i had stories, stories of activisim, politics, american politics, the american youth, the protests, and i responded with these sketches. I kept on drawings, sometimes twisting the words, the text and interpreting it in my own sense. In this way, i realised i do not communicate with anyone. I mean these words, these images with a drawing and a text are a period of almost two hours of lecture and then question and answer.Whatever stuck with me, i repeated it in my own fashion on paper. Whatever mattered to me. So maybe these are notes, or a way to, an attempt to communicate with the speaker, what he was saying. So if you talk to me, you are at a distance, you are on the stage and i am far away on a seat in the auditorium, i will use this way to come close to you and close to what you are saying, whether it makes any sense or not.

This is the first time i touched upon politics. I feel this method taught me to come closer to knowing something which otherwise i would not know by writing, or clicking images. because this was happening as and how the speaker kept on speaking. In this way I do not listen, but listen through the way of drawing.

I also could leave the room, go outside and fly into the sky through drawing. Because I drew not only what he was saying, i meand i was writing his text but my text also. So i could be here and not be here also. The drawings shifted, from my auto rickshaw reading on augmented reality to politics to the fall, to planting a tree in my book in the end.

Also drawing gave me a space to see things and be in a space which i can not enter insitu. The limitation is that in a seat i can only draw in a tiny book as it is a discreet act, i mean i am not taking a camera out at him and drawing him or making a sculpture of him but holding on to something.
Also how do i know the subject, or any subject unless i draw it out! 

I wasnt just listening but also participating in the words being spoken. It became a fun activity as i could use my sense of humor to come up with my own stories. It was like i had a script being spoken
















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