instructional drawing

why did i do that ? my first reaction to punching the windshield glass of my Eight hundred. 

An instructional drawing, a diagram where the Claim department boy, Kishan lal makes an observation and identifies the area where i punched and broke the glass. The insurer will come tomorrow, he said.

i think its impulsive, just something i like to do…punch walls, trees, i just do it once in a while, or maybe once a day!

Was i angry, i wouldn’t know… i just punched while driving !!!

Claim boy: When did you notice this?

me: Well i saw this in the morning. the car was parked right under my house..I didnt see it happening.

Claim boy: Ok, I have written that you saw it at 11 pm last night so that…


I liked the concept of the diagram. The drawing makes it so easy to just mark. His ball point pen mark signified the damaged area. Anyone else in his whole team can read it, see it and make an immediate sense of the damaged front glass. 

But no one comes to know the silence, the speed and the discovery of the crack as it appeared in front of me. The light how it passes through the cracked line.


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