drawing conversations…

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My understanding of drawing conversations is its ability to challenge what I feel drawing means. The results or the process of making is completely on the other side of the spectrum from working Individually. It also gives rise to what ‘drawing in the moment’ means. It lets you not only draw what you intend to sketch but also see drawing in its making as a spectator.

This is because I am sketching while being in a conversation with the other Artist at the same time. So the outcome is / can not be predicted.

I personally can not see it as my drawing or other person’s drawing. I’m unable to see it as a division. So i see it as a Single work on its own. A collaboration.

The questions which arise are:

1. If i draw in a certain way, i.e. from the mind, how will it change if working with an illustrator, or an architect or someone who works, draws in a completely similar / different way?

2. Is THIS another way to have a conversation, to sketch, talk, observe and keep drawing?

3. Whose drawing is it ?

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