new sketches, change in formation

I see a new approach to drawings. Earlier it was the paper as a frame in which i would draw. So i would always find, create the center of the paper. So i would draw, sketch what i wanted to express.

Now i see a way of not trying to find that center. This means i am not sketching what I want to sketch, rather I am sketching, layering each sketch with multiple thoughts. Its different because I dont see the plane of the paper in the same way. 
Its no longer a surface to draw on, as a drawing, as a sentance, or a word maybe. But now its like a paragraph, or a note on the paper. The mark making does not have a center as of yet. And the drawings seem like a collage of images which are rehearsals for the actual drawing in making. 
In this way I am redrawing the character in ways which it can be best expressed and not take the first act of mark making as the final drawing. Its like what I can keep on adding to a scene. Its the endless nature of drawing a scene with constant change is what I am finding interesting. 

I’m challenging my own way of working of expressing what I wanted to say on a single sheet of paper and then shifting to another sheet of paper, but always centering the drawing, between what I expressed and what remained hidden. But now I am not expressing a single thought but begining to draw like a scribble of a thought maybe? I’m not sure if its a scribble but it is multiple scenes, thoughts on the same frame.

I think its the predictable nature of things which destroys creativity. So any subtle change in approach brings in un predictablity and creativity.

As an example, I found myself amused at trying to see how the eyes would look down. And how do i draw eyes? earlier i would draw but now you can question, you can erase. I dont erase with my pen. I can not erase so i re- draw on the same surface.


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