drawing on paper










these three months have been a roller coaster rider of confusion. Creating an installation of paper cuts, creating a forest that you could walk into, and changing it from a video game script which was a story of an animation, sketchbooks filled with steps of the animation drawn, reconstructed in space, creating stories of me bouncing out of three dimensional boxes, doggy koko transforming into a pig and then a goat and then a one eyed monster. I pulled them down, all of the wires and see my self drawing on paper.

I for some reason can not replicate the swiftness of the hand drawing on paper with the cut outs floating in the space. They all seem like something which I have done before. I would want the drawing to enter / exit the space of my studio with a force, and have that movement which i am seeking, which i touch upon only on the surface of the paper but not in the puppetry cut outs floating around.

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