Problem solving – A case study of a case study

to understand how things work, how drawing comes in support during the time of anxiety, problem solving. I am in a situation where i have to use this method of conversation to reach somewhere.




Image # 1 and 2 are capturing a past moment, or an imagined moment where as image # 3 uses the possibility of problem solving a situation and I use this way to think through what could happen in the future. It is a way to deal with anxiety, fear of something, as if learning how to steer a boat before hitting the waters or steering it and imagining all possible ways of flipping over, crashing, unable to control or running out of fuel.

Image # 4 was something where i simply could not reach an end that night. The whole night was spent sketching away, writing ways to come out from a mental exhausting loop. The mark making was helpful in bringing out maybe not a solution but what i felt during the creation. Can drawing do that? reflect its own results? would i experience the same in folding a bed sheet, crumpling paper, walking or is it creating something, especially the use of a tool to create a continuous line? The folding of the bed sheet can be video recorded, the crumpling of the paper can be sound recorded. Are these forms of drawing out sound, or watching a recorded action of drawing? What do i leave behind through walking where as using a tool to draw on a surface does leave an imagery.


Notes on drawing:

1) sometimes sketches are rejected after creation, then looked upon as revived works of art. Its when you bring them to a certain cause / action, do they attain a value.

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