Dead Spots


I noticed that i could not accept those drawings as my drawings which required me to think through an idea. These became my rejected pieces, pieces which i would eventually remove, discard from the installation space. John Dewey in Art as Experience writes about  “Dead Spots, holes, blanks. What we call dead spots are, from the side of the percipient, the things that enforce a partial or frustrated organisation of outgoing energy.”

Its only when I drew the line I wanted to, did i have an equal interest in cutting it out also, as if cutting the paper was similarly joyful as making the drawing. How would i know the line which becomes the drawn, etched line? How does it differ from construction of a brick wall by a labourer? How does this line in space change the nature of the space?


I begin to question, do we actually see the drawing while making it or do we need to see it while making? As it also involves a certain degree of pressures, contacts with surface of the paper or any surface, and also how we flow through the experience. It is not a thought, as I am not thinking of it but living a melancholic moment. How does this cutting of the paper, making the line differ from a surgeon cutting the skin?

Ive also felt that placing of the hand cut paper, pulling of the fishnet wire as a base, every moment of, till the final taping of the cut out becomes an unrecorded moment. It becomes like navigating a boat without leaving marks of the path.

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