inside the forest


Drawing as a mental exercise:

a new change happened in the work. Of Me being inside a work.

I have been trying to enter inside the work, Physically and Mentally. What is that space of being inside a world? What is that world I am creating?

One of the discoveries, understanding is that of immediacy.

Immediacy here means the immediate nature of what the mind is expressing and realisation of the same through creation. So some form of output is needed.

You can draw a sky, an object as you see it in immediacy but it may not be as simple to express through thought. Here thoughts are varying. They are multiple, can not be counted, can not be prioritised.

Immediacy also gives rise to that what you really intend to say, express!

I also learn of the temperament of the line I use for drawing.

line here is the strokes which make up the form being created.

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