truth in habitation

Its been more than two months. I started to live, or see things in my space since december 2014, thinking that I would finally inhabit it before I let go of it completely, before i disengage with it, discard it as a room to inhabit.

What was living it? It was to know what is a narrative, how will i walk into the room and see a story? How i will remove the playful stories which are not one story but multiple stories occupying space, colliding, creating unwanted layers, layers which cloud my thoughts of seeing the space as fragmented / broken.

Through inhabiting it, i faced a fluttering mind which was willing to keep on changing too much of what was around. And it took a while before a Single narrative, a narrative which stretched itself on the visible / invisible architecture of the space took form. It became easy to say things now!

Before this I played with possibilities, of which I wish not to share as I am more interested in the current results, or not to call them results but the concluding moments, of feeling, “I must now say what i really want to say”

The challenge was sketching everyday which was somewhere or the other adding stories. So how to find the connecting dots or beginning of the story, or the Center of things. In my case, whatever was rubbed out and whatever was drawn, removed and then redrawn, removed and then again drawn was to stay in the story. A recurring form, a recurring dream, a recurring mark.

Ive been here for eight years and only now have i decided to inhabit it as a space for investigating how i will use it to bring a new perception. An interior designer will change the fans, colours of the walls. A company will put up its cabins, and equipments and workstations. A pack of dogs will use it live, excrete and go on moving. So I had to put on a lens of what i really want to say, how i wish to remove a focus point? how to create a space which expands itself every time.

One of the factors was coming back to a scale, a scale of the drawing. This was an interesting journey! A distance from where you encounter the work. There is a certain distance, irrespective of the height of the person… You view a work, or it becomes visible from a distance. I was interested in the possibility of approaching it! Therefore a scale of things!

Another factor, marker of some sort was the balance between the mark making on paper, cut outs and the Wall. The un placement of things, of how I have been placing them and how I could now think to place them in a newer possible way. The change in things as i went about creating.

I did not realise but the pressure on the imagery itself eased out. The image now became an indicator of what i wanted to say, not saying it, but suggesting that this is how it could be! It became a conversation, of maybe deciding to put the glass, a cup somewhere in the frame.

All through this period, a time of over two months, i sketched a script for an animation. I did not know what i was doing but each day filling newsprint paper. which was in relation to objects and spaces. A strange space to deal with, more like looking into a hole, a microscope, and seeing what happens next?

Next came a sudden interest in Game. So the drawings juggled between animation and gaming. It was like expansion of a single thought, spreading itself out into the room and speaking its own language.


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