Is it ?


Is it refraction? Because from a part of a sentance, ‘flow can be refracted’ i begin a reading of what is refraction? It is the bend of the light, bending light but how can light bend?

And is this a way of practice? I guess i don’t know what to draw each day so i start drawing on what interests me!

So its repeating or finding my character imagining itself in water…

I am interested in refraction but also skewing its truth, its nature. It is a similar question which i put across, what if the tree grew even longer or had leaves even more than otherwise possible, this balance of nature becomes imbalance only to create a new balance and by imbalance, one may see the balance.

Drawing, or sketching out a thought, in the excitement of laying it out on paper, the central character is puzzled in the act?

For me the question is experiencing the refraction in nature and re draw and see the differences in sketches.

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