What is inhabitation?

how do spaces dictate and create their own narrative? how does the mind start to create something yet asking for something else? How do certain mediums or materials become activated and find themselves into the inhabited installation? Why is it that I find myself more in tuned to knowing what is the connection of being in a space? What is alteration of a space, a desire to remove, modify, change the nature of a space? Is it re doing an existing built environment? Do spaces can or in reality have a history? What is the connection between a space and its surrounding?

When i inhabit, things change. It is a constant fix upon building something.
Does being in a space for a limited time push the way I think?


Why would I bring about a change into an existing space? Why is there a tussle between the ephemeral nature of the creation and permanent objects? Why search for such spaces which are unseen? Why hide, use corners or refer to such spaces as spaces for investigation?


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