(nehru place office complex, delhi)

conversations often lead to a dust storm. how do you settle this storm?

Storms that we see have distinct qualities but these mind storms are different. They arouse you, build up the wind, the forceful nature of a storm pushing the air. Conversations sometimes do not end but only create multiple beginnings, bubbles or sparks of thoughts. What do you do, you can rewrite the conversation, you could sum it up as poetry, in my case – draw something out. All of these are activities bound by an act. Would I call them reactions or solutions? I don’t have an answer but for me to post this is to not get to an answer or a solution but share this problem.

The problem is the conversation.

the contents are necessary but equally crucial is to know that in the conversation, both are concerned and are experiencing something. This experience creates something where there is no going back. You can’t go back to the point from where you entered prior to the conversation because this has created a change. you can not un-change this now.

the problem is that you can not reverse

if i attempt to draw a connection to drawing or to my way of sketching or how i think, it makes me think before i write anything. The change is that I am drawing the way that I drew earlier but now i know something. I know the period of talking left me thinking. So when i draw I am still thinking of that Only!!!! or even if I am not thinking, I am playing with the conversation as if its a game, a mind game


it is also not about being receptive or tuned to the conversation but more like, since i did not get any answers to the questions i was asking, and i did not fully comprehend what was being said therefore post the meeting, the storm begins


and the storm continues, changes form into a leaked pipe… always leaking, but can take up the form of a storm instantly…





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