Drawing a memory


Sketching away in a cafe. The photograph is of a moment and sketches are recalling those moments.

A city of monkeys…

Spotted a monkey with two broken, paralysed back legs, dragging itself, folding its legs on the ghats of the hills. A call is made to many high ranking officers. The story is that the monkey met with an electrical shock, jumping in to the naked electrical wires. Unable to walk, deserted by its own. Water, banana is fed and she is left that night of fear of dogs throwing her into the fast pace Ganga river.

Could not touch her, come too near, take her to a safe place, the locals had their own version, fear of getting bit, if she would scream, others would come and bite. So what to do except watch her on the ghats.

Next morning…

The photographer on the ghat manages to bring the monkey away from the scorching heat and near the boats. A bit of shade and cool sand beneath, the female monkey often lies down as a sign of defence when facing a cow or any other threat. Tehri dam lets out water once in a while, the level rises sinking the wild one into the water.

Again officers are called, vet is rung up but met with excuses and empty calls. Another night of survival. Helplines don’t work.

Finally the next day the forest officer comes late at night. Packed with excuses, relentlessly covers the animal half dead in a jute sack. They take him away with a promise to heal, be taken care of in the forest reserve hospital for sick animals.

Three days of calling officials, and a monkey who fought till the last moments is…. Rescued.

Three days later a call is made to a local vet who promises to go and check the condition of the handicapped monkey. The mind thinks, will she walk again? Is she fed properly there? Are the animals treated well? What could the cause be for her damage to her legs?

The last words of the forest officer were that she will survive…

Another call is made to speak to the rescuing officer about the state of the monkey… ( three days after rescue night )

The protecting officer says cooly…

We dumped her into the forest that night. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the food chain!


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