using discarded telephone wire, single pair, metal thin soldering wire, nylon threads, PVC cable, fishnet wire to begin with.
Now the installation is visible. Overlapping, intersecting in space, I can relate to the visual and the tactile sensation of the materials which are raw materials for creating an installation.

I am interested to know what is the nature of materials. How they respond to me? I see the difference between the jute wire, the red stiff wire ripped out of the USB cable, the copper suspended and the transparent fishnet wire.

All of them hold a certain history, utility. The telephone wire is a leftover scrap from an earlier unsuccessful installation. The soldering wire I used for creating sculptures which collapsed. The nylon threads are for hanging frames. I am interested to also discover material inside objects. I am tearing away discarded or even bought goods, re shaping materials.

But all of this becomes a way to know the material, to produce something which is not the material when it started out. There is a change in how I perceive it now. Do they become something? In a sense, all of them together!

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