Empty room


I had nothing to show. At this stage or these moments of the opening of the show, I had attempted to not create works but deal with surfaces, horizons, sense of a room, rooms in the house. I was not interested in the object in the room but its alteration of the room, the change which happened to the space because of such intervention.

I was interested to see, compare what drawing meant in the room.

Yes I can conclude that drawing does alter the meaning of the place

‘Knowledge in this objective sense is totally independent of anybody’s claim to know; it is also independent of anybody’s belief, or disposition to assert, or assert, or to act. Knowledge in the objective sense is knowing without a knower; it is knowledge without a knowing subject’

Page 207, Subjective, inter subjective and objective science, Max Velmans on Karl popper
Understanding Consciousness, second edition, Max Velmans, 2009, Routledge

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