Questions I put forth to myself before the start of the project:

What is that ideal installation
What is the relationship between drawing and the space
What are the exercises I can conduct to test this relationship
What does it mean to inhabit the space for a duration
Will it change my thinking, process of drawing

I would like to share:

Our own body is in the world as the heart is in the organism: it keeps the visible spectacle constantly alive, it breathes life into it and sustains it inwardly, and with it forms a system.

The theory of the body is already a theory of perception, merleau ponty, p 235,phenomenology of perception, Rutledge, 1962

The ideal installation

To which I come back and it responses back to me in a state of neutrality.

What is the relationship between drawing and space

Making a drawing in the mind and a two / three dimensional form of that drawing
In the space.

What are the exercises I can conduct to test this relationship

By drawing on the wall, recording my thoughts in a form of a blog, expanding the strings in the space, Construction of three dimensional boxes, using existing drawings as a base.

What does it mean to inhabit a space for a duration

So far it means a sense of me coming back to a space.

Will it change my thinking, process of drawing

I struggle to create the artist book which i was doing earlier. The change is
Experiencing drawing on paper as compare to on a wall.

That I did not know the traces, tracks, invisible connections between works,
That its not the same to go back to your practice,
That drawing in space is different from the previous artist book
That drawings mark is only a step to some thing else
That I could bring in any material, form as an extension of drawing
That my quest to not have a work in the centre as an object is possible
That I do not see any conclusion
That there is very less difference between the drawings, ideas on the blog as
Intermediate stages and the actual drawing in the space.

For example when I saw the boxes in the space. I visualised how parts of it could be placed on the wall and how I could draw around, over the piece of wood. It was like putting the wood back into the drawing. I will try it and it might lead to something else but it is a step to discover something. Something about the nature of thinking, of drawing.

the wooden boxes are forms developing in the mind, wanting to occupy a physical space.

That I can not expect to have a drastic change in my drawings, three dimensional forms, my writing on the blog, the laying of the strings, that changes will only be minute, as is I will not change abruptly but somewhat add, modify the thinking to bring in a change, so I am not bored. To use imagination, creativity.

For example, I drew myself as a warrior facing sunflower goddess but I slightly altered the animal I rode from what I saw on the floor and my pants had slight lines taken from the conversations on perception and lines. Just adding something new…


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