Beyond lines

Day 17…

I left marks in the downstairs area, now knowing that it is a type of an architecture.
So this gave birth to lighting, the art of lighting… Candles, LED,
I even saw movement stoppers, stools placed strategically.

The topic of lights still remains a mystery because it is to be resolved.

I did not think of lighting, I worked freely and then I was shown new places, places
Which were connected to existing structure of lights.

So the mind forms pictures of spaces which can be highlighted and other areas are insignificant, yet when there was no talk of lights, related to presentation, sense of display, areas illuminated in their own sense.

This sense I feel is seeing the house not as a whole, but in forms which are interesting and which take up their own sense. I saw them as chunks, separated from the house, highlighting themselves in their own unique way.


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