The return of…

He is back ! And it is much more than that…
Through this process of restriction, I diverted myself to a three dimensional space.

The process of restriction:

I do question my own identity, the nature of the representation, why I represent what I do, it is unknown, and now it is an are worth investigating.

Also thoughts on Kafka…. The man who wanted to enter the gates, he seem to get everything right…

THE SpAcE down stairs…

Always filled with plastic and men working, painting, inaccessible, I am busy in the brain room, which now should be a room only…. A room with a window…


The room downstairs, was revealed to me, as a space with bricks… I’ve liked these bricks more than the plain wall. I saw myself in a place filled with paper trees, a pull to the back wall, and like panels, I drew in each one, doing a circle, a point of entry / exit

ENTRY ( come down the stairs)
EXIT ( the other half of the house, the identical twin who has no role to play)

I think I like to sneak in and make a mark…

Cuckroo koo cuckroo koo… ( unnecessary vocal sounds)
Muu Ki awazay ( sounds from the mouth)


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