The fruit of life


‘ I believe that physical and tactile engagement with materials and the world acts as a catalyst for intuitive, and consequently innovative, conceptual manipulation of perceptions of the world and the nature of reality. Fresh points of view and original actions are produced by rigorous questioning and curiosity concerning this perceived nature. ‘

Aileen M. Stackhouse, pg 31 (To draw thought – how can this be done differently?)
Managing creativity : exploring the paradox /​ edited by Barbara Townley, Nic Beech.
Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Day 8,

I realise the approach to the work. After cutting paper, I was not sure what I was doing. Wanted to make the video, but too many interruptions…

So I cut paper, in curve forms and start placing it, trying to extend the wooden insertions, failing, removing the pasted sheets.

I realise the rhythm of the strings, the cut outs, the wooden structures, the drawing on the wall, glass, all were to connect today or at least show me in portions, of this harmony as from day one I was dealing with discontinuity of some sort, as if I was

Creating a design set
Creating floating structures
Creating drawings on the wall
Creating strings in air

Separate projects in the brain room.

Materials, the materials are taking a consolidated form, only to be moulded to another material.


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