Day 4 (part 2)

In the space, I am extending the drawing, to an animated state, on the walls I see, visualise sequences, steps of, like frames extending a narrative.

A fly is not still, it is moving….

Today I gave instructions, for construction of the wooden sculpture, I watched it in Intervals,
I could give instructions to the carpenter to lay the wires, to lay wooden lines instead of thread.
The wires will now be wooden sticks intersecting the space. A character could now instead of being pasted, walk,,be fixed on the stick. It could be a path…

A thread was not a path, but a line, a direction, a pointer towards a nail.

A path can be walked upon. Here you can see the path. A thread being round, the view would fall off.

A path could have figure on both sides, since it is glued on the path, since it is a sky path, it has a top and a bottom.

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