A day of changes, I did see rain drops, but the rain was not a heavy rainfall.

A day of changes. I used the wet cloth to erase, drawing on the glass, erasing…

I changed my drawings from imaginary characters to quick sketches of observation. I seem to draw lines showing the linear structure of the home, perspective, and the trees outside.

I removed from the wires, I extended into the house. I had a shoe, a large foot in the mind, so I cut out a form of a shoe…a large one.

I was dealing with cut outs which I placed as pieces all over the cupboards. I stopped for a while as I kept on erasing from the walls, removing till I connected with my recent artist book drawings.

It all began with the erasing, using a sand paper, I was removing the grill gate from outside drawn on the wall. I drew a cow falling from the sky. From there I repeated this sense of drawing in other places in the room and the house.

The carpenter arrived and the marks drawn on the floor and the corner wall attained a shape. A shape which had its own depth, unlike paper was harder and thicker in feel. The carpenter changed my design slightly to get the results. The wooden structure altered my drawings pasted.

I could see stand alone sculpture extending itself out of the room.

For me the idea is to work with materials. I intend to use heavier wires which could support the wood cut outs suspended above.

I am interested to know the relation of paper and wood. I do not see any desire to paint the surface of the wood.

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