Day 3

Morning thoughts…

I am preparing myself to work today. Also recalling the exercises of yesterday. A visual image on the mind of suspending a large piece of paper in the room. And then drawing on it, to play with that space. So I brought in a sheet of paper, cut from the roll of acid free Fabriano paper ( didn’t want to use a local brand as it tore last time ) and I’m thinking – I don’t even know the length of the room, but I decide to cut with a cutter.

I stretch the paper and climb up, make holes, and tie this wobbly paper waiting to fall over and be creased, wounded and fold itself on the floor.

The form takes up my energy. I can not work in the room since it has taken up the room. My tiny drawings on the wall go hidden.

I kept on adjusting the paper and with each step it took a new shape. I was not sure if I wanted to draw on it anymore.


I grabbed my I pad and sat in the table outside, drawing with my fingers in a sketching application, expressing out my state of mind. Surprisingly the lines, since been thin ( i usually draw with a .01 roaring pen) I could see that the drawing had a certain rapidness to it, also marks were so easy to make. I had brought my sketchbook also but wanted to try working with a digital does drawing differ from working on paper to working on an I pad since I have not bought a stylus pen as of yet. It was only the swift movements of my finger on the screen.


I placed a small piece of paper, cut in an organised structure form. For me the structure here means the structure of the house, the inner landscape of stairs, folds, shadows, brick visible, boxes, lines,angles. The drawing of the cut out paper and a tiny drawing on it, signifying the space I wanted to experience, almost like a mark. I drew a face, i usually draw a face.


The form was held on the white thread, I am not fond of fishing net wire this time and eager to buy some coloured thread. The form, the cut paper was placed on slanting wires ( two running , one side held with nail, while the other side with two nails a foot apart)

The sheet is held with masking tape on the back.

Sitting at a distance, outside I could relate with the small static, frozen sheet in comparison to the loose sheet of paper covering the entire room.

I removed it! And felt I could again breathe in the room, my drawings were visible which I had worked upon the first day. It is white, the room again had life. I realised my problem lies in getting stuck in a form which might dictate my viewing, it could be a sculpture, a video piece, anything which creates a focus point. I would want to move away from that and involve myself in the gaps, empty spaces which form themselves outside the cut outs, drawing, and also harmony of , or I think extension of what happened the first day, leading to exercises the next… Some connection, an invisible connection which lets me think ahead…


By this time I had extended or was attempting to extend out of the room, and extend in such a way that I free myself to the limitations of thought, of seeing that I was working inside a room, and now I will create something outside the room. I wanted to remove, alter myself from the existence of the door.

I cut large, much larger piece of paper and suspended them in the outside space, a lobby area which had distractions, a fan running full speed, lot of furniture laying around, and stairs going up and down. I tried to connect with the empty space above, another area where I wanted to extend these structures.


The problem i faced as I re cut them, shrunk the paper is the paper not able to hold itself on the white threads. The threads would swing down because of the weight. Also the large sheets of cut paper were swinging. They again had a size problem. So I questioned myself, what is too large, too small. I think it has to do with the space, space, mental and physical space I inhabit, of making something visible, invisible, visible when you go close to it, and invisible because it blends in with the space and let’s you see around the space. It has a breathing space, an emptiness I can enjoy.

I doubted that I had created a round , partially round curve on the cut out. So I created a non-curve form.

Eventually I removed them as they seemed like a paper sculptures floating around like large scale bells. They developed an individual ness to them.

So I sketched further on my I pad scribbling, writing my thoughts.



Before leaving for the day, I spent some time, watching the tiny line drawing on the wall. It was made out to be a gate of a fort. I visualised or rather felt a light paper cut out as an extension of the drawing near the floor.

As I made the cut, I tried putting the form and then decided to re-cut but instead use the border, as a paper cut out in the form of a line. This was light, fragile and hollow. One could see through the window, outside the room. It had a floating sensation to it and I felt the drawing , or the cut out has to be light enough, in sync with the supporting structure, the white threads in this case…


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