Change in formation


There is a termite problem at one space, the window glass needs to be cleaned. I have shifted the drawings as a set moving in a mountain peak, valley formation, they will again float like dust blown from the fan, all over the place.

When I sketched, they took up positions where I wanted them to be, a sheet opposite each other, the glass with grill view, the cupboard handles, I changed at the last moment before leaving for the day, but the first formation remains with me.

I can redraw this formation, as empty spaces, I can draw sketches, paste these blog pages as steps of the process. It seems like going havoc I inside a ruined building. I do not have to take a route, i can fly over from any location, I will not break a limb, bone, bruise a muscle, strain myself or loose an eye, tooth. I can run, walk sideways, without using my feet, hands, but just glide along the surface of the room. This is different from gravity since I do not have any rules…

As I was packing away for the day and spitting and rolling away the green tea leaves which had refused to lie low in the glass, I shared few thoughts,

Of expanding the sheet of paper, to a large sheet of paper which blocks, floats, squeezes inside the room.

Right now the room has its own presence.

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